Our origins can date back to 2012, when two of it’s leading members started a small, informal group trough the shared interest in military history, and specifically the German side of the second world war. The choice fell upon the Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 9 of the 9th Panzer Division.

At the time, there were no re-enactments available in Norway, even though Sweden and Denmark already had well established groups for years. The only available option was enclosed airsoftgames, though with high standards, that we attended while we learned more and gathered information.

In 2014, we were invited to hold a display outside the Colosseum Kino cinema in Oslo, in accordance with the premiere of Fury. We met the organisation Panservenner and was invited to their first Panserfest in 2015.

May 2015, during Panserfest, after years of planning, we officially started as Norway’s first reenactmentgroup when we registered in the Norwegian Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities. At the time, we were a mere four members but have since grown at a tremendous speed.

9 Panzer Aufklärung is a living history group with high standards for our members, for authenticity and for immersion. We wish to be the best and most serious group in Scandinavia.

We strive to establish re-enactment as a large and friendly hobby in Norway trough contacts and apperaences. Our policy is to be invited – not to invite ourselves.